Does Auto Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

Many people who have been involved in an auto accident have personal injury protection on their auto insurance policy. This covers medical treatment including MASSAGE THERAPY for rehabilitation after an auto accident. Just speak to your doctor, chiropractor, or other medical professional for a massage therapy referral. I will take care of billing the insurance company taking the stress of claims and bills away from your so that you can focus on your recovery.

What Injuries can I expect after an Auto Accident?

There are many types of injuries that can occur as the result of an auto accident. Pain and tenderness of the upper back, head and neck as well as the lower back are most common signs of injury. Sometimes pain is felt immediately, but often pain will present itself hours or even days after. It is very common for stiffness, pain and tension to set into the injured areas months down the road if not properly treated. Contact me today to start your recovery!

What if I do not have personal injury protection on my auto insurance and the accident wasn’t my fault?
This is called a 3rd party claim. That means you may be covered by the other drivers insurance, or you are represented by an attorney and will be pursuing a settlement for injuries and damages.  Medical providers are reimbursed at the end of the settlement process. For this reason it can be difficult to find a massage therapist who accepts 3rd party insurance. I specialize in these claims and can help you navigate the confusion.

PLEASE NOTE: I AM ONLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS WHO HAVE BEEN IN AN AUTO ACCIDENT or PERSONAL INJURY and are USING PIP insurance or have a 3rd party claim with attorney representation.